Variety makes meetings exciting!

The heart and soul of any Toastmasters club is revealed in the meeting. As members, you expect meetings to be lively, productive and inviting to all. However, sometimes you may want to add a little spice to your club meetings by shaking things up a bit. Here are some interesting meeting ideas to add some fun to your club.

Microphone Meeting

At some time in our lives, we will need to perform using a microphone. If your club room does not normally provide a microphone capability, occasionally plan a meeting in a different location or have someone bring in a sound system, and require everyone to use the microphone during their presentation. An educational feature discussing microphone use would be a great opening event.


This can consist of prepared or extemporaneous speeches for the opening presentations, and then time provided each speaker for rebuttal. A moderator can be assigned and formal debate rules and speaking times used. (Reference the TI Debate Handbook) Evaluation of each of the participants by experienced debaters (if possible) is important to provide feedback to the speakers and to the audience about good and poor details about the debate. For extra fun, challenge another club(s) to a debate.

Backwards Meeting

Start with the closing thought, awards, evaluate the speakers before they speak, and end with the call to order. For experienced clubs looking for something different, you can't beat this way of breaking up the routine of an ordinary meeting.

Film Noir

Are you a fan of those old 40s detective movies? Plan the meeting as if Phillip Marlowe or Sam Spade were the Toastmaster, leading a meeting of shady villains, stoolies, gum-shoe coppers and sultry dames. Plan the meeting around solving the Mystery of Stone Monkey.

Panel Evaluations

Three or four evaluators on a panel each look at one aspect of all the speeches. For example, one may focus on content, one on delivery, another on use of language; or one may focus on openings, one of the speech body, one on conclusions, etc.

Courtroom Meeting

Choose a member to be the defendant, real or imagined, and assign a crime to them (Santa Claus damaging a roof and causing a disturbance, for example). Assign members to be the judge, plaintiff, lawyers, and witnesses, and conduct a mock trial. Vote for or against acquittal.

Historical Theme

Club members each take on the role of a famous historical figure, participating as if that historical figure were alive today and particpating in the club.

Campign Platform

Politicians during an election can stump, thump and expound with the best of Toastmasters. Have club member run for the office of County Tree Counter. Table topics speakers may speak for or against running candidates.