Creative Table Topics

Table Topics are an enjoyable part of most club meetings. It is an opportunity to play, to exercise our mental agility while honing our wits. Some have claimed that Table Topics provided them with good practice for job interviews. Regardless of the benefits of developing mental quickness, Table Topics are just plain fun. Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Objective Life

Ask each speaker to describe his/her life if he/she was an object, i.e., a mirror, a table, a chair, a briefcase, a door, etc.

Coin Nostalgia

Bring in a bag of coins and have each speaker talk about something that happened or something they were doing in the year that is stamped on the coin.

A Commercial Break

Collect some products off the grocery shelf or hardware store. Each TT speaker selects one of the items out of a bag and has to do a TV commercial on that product.

I’ve Got a Secret

Everyone writes down a secret about themselves that no one in the club knows about. Each speaker takes one of the notes, reads it, and states who they think wrote the note and why.

The Columnist

Give each speaker a “Dear Abby” question and have them give their advice. These could made up by the Table Topics Master or real ones clipped from the advice columns.

Courtroom Meeting

Choose a member to be the defendant, real or imagined, and assign a crime to them (the disappearance of a prize-winning pig). Assign members to be the judge, plaintiff, lawyers, and witnesses, and conduct a mock trial. Vote for or against acquittal.


Give the speaker a strange and unheard word from the dictionary and ask them tell everyone what they think this word means. At the end, give the real definition.

Fortune Cookie

Have each speaker pick from a bowl full of Chinese fortune cookies and have them read their fortune and interpret it to means to them.

Button, button

If you had to wear a button with a maximum of five words what would it be and why?


Put everyday stuff into a bag and let each speaker select an item to discuss. However, the year is 2525 and the speaker is an archaeologist. They will explain their opinion as to what the item was back in the 20th. Century and how it was used.

Spin Doctor

Think of 4 or 5 unusual situations that would normally be considered bad news. Challenge your speakers to make them good news instead. Some ideas: (1) You’re the mayor of Hamilton. Godzilla just trashed the downtown area. Explain why that’s good for Hamiltonians. (2) Aliens just vaporised the Capitol Building. You’re the Mayor. Make the first speech afterwards about why this is good news. (3) You just put your car through the garage door. Tell your spouse or significant other why this is good news.

Backwards Story

Have each member tell a different chapter of a story in a round-robin fashion. The twist is that the story is told backwards, with the last chapter going first and the beginning chapter going last.